Hello Everyone!

I am raising money for an up coming missions trip to an exciting location (India)!!! Missions are very exciting and mean a lot to me, as you may or may not know. Every year a small team of usually 2 or 3 men from our Church (First Baptist Church of Oceanway) travel to India to encourage, support, serve and teach pastors and leaders. We also have the humbling opportunity to serve the people of India as well. Last year we were able to meet this sweet 14 year old girl in a remote village whose mother was disabled, her father passed away and her older sister got married and moved away. So, instead of her going to school like most 14 year olds, this girl decided to help her family and started working in a field all day only to earn between 8-10 Rupee. In case you aren’t aware, the conversion is approximately 75 Rupee to one U.S. Dollar. Of course our hearts melted for this girl and we tried to find a way to help her family so she could go to school. This is only one of the many stories that I could tell you. The bottom line is that there is such a great need in India, both physical and spiritual. When I say India, I mean the real India that we don’t see, the deep rural districts and villages. We have been graced with the most amazing opportunity to fill in some of those small gaps in a very big way. That’s where you and I come in! We are grateful for the ability to be the hands and feet and pray that you will be the prayer warriors and support needed for us to be the doers!

For only $25 you will get an entry for the drawing of a gorgeous 16×24 Metal print of one of these images you see at my desk. Each print is valued at $150 and comes ready to hang on your wall! I have two of the prints already delivered and ready to be awarded. The winner will be announced on October the 28th. You may purchase multiple entries to increase your chance of winning! If you win and you want a specific print, let me know! (I have one more photo to print – see below)

ALL proceeds from this will cover the costs of providing travel to and from the location. That cost is approximately $5,000 for travel alone.

Thank you for your support! Most importantly, please pray that God’s grace will be upon us who are going and that Almighty God will be exalted! Please share this!!!

Additional Photo to be printed:

Jax Beach Surfer Photo

Here are some photos from one of the trips!

Places traveled to in India


Typical living conditions in India’s districts and villages.


This is church in a small village


Two women drinking from a village well hose

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