As each person is unique, the style of portrait for each individual needs to show who they are. I like for my client portraits to tell their story. As you look through my portraiture work below, envision yourself telling your story through the camera. What do you want to tell people about who you are? What image do you want to project? If you aren’t sure, that’s OK too, I can guide you and walk you through the process. I have had clients tell me they never thought they could look like that in their portrait.

Portrait sessions start at $250 for one hour, and $350 for 2 hours either on location at a park or downtown. I can also set up a backdrop anywhere for studio style portraits. One hour sessions will receive 10 professionally edited photos and one 8×10 print. Two hour sessions will receive 20 professionally edited photos and two 8×10 prints. I use professional off camera lighting to add drama to your portraits. A 25% deposit is required to book on my calendar.

Prior to each session we will discuss what you want your portraits to say about you. For family portraits I will send a “Do List” of how to color coordinate and things to help you look natural, but your best!


Your portraits represent a time of your life standing still in a print that will allow you to relive those feelings again and again. And someday that portrait may live on and the story passed down to another generation. Please share your story with me and allow me to capture it for you! It is such an essential priceless investment that both you and your loved ones will treasure!

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